Last Farwell

10/07/18 01:21
Hi this is Caernarfon. Been at this game from season 5 most of the time top tier. Most of the times top, sometimes not. My time is nearing its end so I would like to invite all the top players who I have played with and against to join Ball Boys for my last Swan Song.

Wou;d love ro name sides, but id forget and offend someone. See you soon, and in a few years on the other side.
10/07/18 08:19
You will always be the greatest Welsh player of all time and also one of the greatest all time. I remember you as Captain Sam, It's such a sad time for all long time RM players. You truely are tge MASTER!
10/07/18 09:44
Diolch Ystrad, youve been a top player for ages, many better players than me but im always determined, pop over for a season before im gone.
10/07/18 10:01
Farewell brother from kruising. Much love to the master
10/07/18 12:10
Your one of the giants of this game pal. You'll be missed greatly.
My heart goes out to you and your loved ones. Stay strong mate.
Catch you on the other side bud.
10/07/18 13:29
Lost for words for once. If at all possible there are a few of us from WES who will try and join you as you were with us for a while as "Captain Sam" and were having your epic battles with "Capitaine Enfarine".

Stay strong!
10/07/18 17:22
Mate you’re a true legend. A legend of your country, and certainly one of the legends in the world (the game). Respect to you from The International Ruckers (TIR) guild.