Rubbi8xh game play

09/08/18 19:52
Have I just got to put up with the utter joke of a game playing system that makes me pass ball when I'm clean trough to score a Try with on a few yards to go.
And do I just have to put with the total bull that happens when my oppents kick a ball and one of there players is miles offside even ahead of my fullback and just catches and score
Really am enjoying this game but I'll admit that the bull is taking it's toll and I can't see myself playing long term if the game keeps up with bais
10/11/20 23:50

The fact that the players who catch the ball are in front of the kicker is offside, a basic rule of rugby, even more so if they validate the try made by a player in the middle of the field. if you are not going to fix these bugs rename the game. This is not rugby
11/11/20 15:31
Totally agree. Opposing 15 kicks from their 22 and their 10 standing in my 22 catches it and scores a try. Totally farcical. I won the game fairly easily so not sour grapes but this makes the game a joke.