Allow us to choose our penalty!

18/05/17 15:37
Surely it isn't too much to ask for us to be able to choose what to do at a penalty. A small pop up which allows us to kick for touch/goal, scrum or tag n go would add so much more variation and tactic to the matches.
18/05/17 15:41
Many if us are asleep during championship, would cause delays and push us even further into the world of disadvantage
18/05/17 15:46
There would be no delays as there would be a few second timer to make you choice, it wouldn't hold the game indefinitely. Match bonus is far more of an unfair mechanic, yet they seem determined to stick with it.

If you are willing to be online for your matches then allowing the choice in games is not unreasonable.

What is far more unfair is forcing a team that is set up for line outs or kicks at goal to constantly compete in scrums if the opponent is a scrummaging team.
18/05/17 16:19
I would personally find it incredibly annoying if the game has to keep pausing for 5 seconds every time there is a penalty, when my opponent is offline.

A better option might be to allow is to select our preference in the strategy settings. That would not hold up the gameplay, and we could still be able to play to our strengths.
18/05/17 16:22
Preferences change depending on situations. I would agree that a strategy option for when a player is offline would be good to go alongside it.

However if I want an idle clicker, I can get many of those in the app store. If you watch real rugby games how much notice do you take of the captain telling the ref what he would like for the penalty? You can use the slight stop in play for many other things.
18/05/17 16:26
I hear what you're saying, but I just think it would slow down the gameplay too much. You could always set up different strategies for each preference, and switch to the one you want during the match. For example, if you see that your team is struggling in lineouts but has dominance in the scrums, you could switch during the game to the strategy where you have your preference for penalties set to scrums. So I think having a preference setting in the strategy menu would be easiest and have the least impact on gameplay
18/05/17 16:34
But I don't want to change my whole strategy. I simply want to choose whether I kick for goal or for touch. The strategies section doesn't allow that as the minimum penalty distance is 20m, so anything closer automatically kicks for goal.

If you want to play a manager game then I'm afraid you have to accept that there are going to be times where manager's have to make decisions.
19/05/17 01:45
Sounds like you want a rugby game and not a rugby management game.
19/05/17 02:00
Also shaun, would be in favor of your idea if championships were moved to 0300 GMT?
19/05/17 02:26
Its not fair on people who live in other time zones as not everyones games are at a time people can be online