Rugga Docs ganging up on me?

12/01/18 11:22
I hope you guys at the Rugga "Docs" (both Guilds) are all well.

I play "Doc" Sniper in the final league game tomorrow and it looks as if the man himself and "Doc" Clarki are ganging up on me to find a tactic to beat me
12/01/18 12:02
Wait, they are trying to win a champ game by identifying a strat that works? The horror!
12/01/18 12:35
Shocking isn't it lol. They haven't found one...yet.
12/01/18 14:15
So bragging or complaining?
12/01/18 14:45
I think this is the most arrogant, obnoxious thread i've ever read.
12/01/18 15:08
lol....I have the utmost respect for the Rugga "Docs". We have had a few GCs against both their Guilds and found them to be good sports and good fun. We had great banter with both their Guilds through changing our Guild names.

This was meant as a bit of fun only and not bragging or complaining. As for your comments "Bluemooners" I will simply ignore them and assume you are having a bad day.

It was all meant in good humour. Please treat it as such and stop taking everything that is posted so seriously.
12/01/18 16:07
"bluemooners"? Why is your name now in quotes?
12/01/18 16:11
"Black Monks" ....just 'cos
12/01/18 18:10
Sweet, I earned quotes!!!!
12/01/18 18:32
You earned my "respect" a long time ago. Some others have a long way to go however but I shall not name any names.