Was that the PIMPS 1st GC loss?

21/07/19 06:16
You are obviously hiding behind an alias. Lemme guess cowboys 4 life ?
21/07/19 06:16
You are obviously hiding behind an alias. Lemme guess cowboys 4 life ?
21/07/19 06:21
Im COWBOYS4LIFE so-called baby acct...….and idgaf what you think...….we aren't going anywhere...….so you can suck it!!!...…….And if you want to bring it....then bring it CNY.....you don't fkn scare me 1 bit you dumb mthrfkr!!!!………...And yes I hope it does light a fire under your stupid fkd up ass...…...becuz we beat you straight up and you fkrs are nothing but whiney little pussies afterwards...….So for us to enjoy 10 mins in the front of the class, we earned that right....so go sit the fk down and stfu...…...
21/07/19 06:22
good guess you dumbass...……..and its not a alias......most everybody knows, except for your stupid ass...….learn a little before you spout off at the mouth fkr…...becuz we aren't going anywhere
21/07/19 06:47
Nice..... I ain't whining about shit. And I am what I eat so pussy it is. You must eat dicks cause you're sounding like one. Don't lump all Pimps together cause you are having a problem with one. Bottom drawer
21/07/19 06:54
ok jammin' your right......but you did say a few derogatory things about us and our group......and trust me.....IM NOT SCARED of any of you!!!…...Ive beaten every single 1 of you pretty bad at times also......and if you want to badmouth me and my group you better be ready to take it back.....becuz this dog DOES hunt......and IM not afraid to say anything...….so just let us have our time and move on and make your shit better.....becuz we are NOT going away!!!!
21/07/19 07:22
Didn't say you are scared, why would anybody be in a tiny FB game. I've been threatened with death, just called you a dick. Saying the word "derogatory" makes me laugh. LOL Your some sort of vet right? Didn't think you of all ppl would be offended by the word GAY. I know vets are not gay as they are weeded out or punished till they quit.

Enjoy your time in the sun and have a beer on me =) I don't see your fans in the stands saying anything? Must have their fucking mouth full of popcorn.
21/07/19 07:45
Its only a meaningless game little man don't get all hyped up and excited over your win too much you beat us big WOOP:)

Congratulations! Move on go back to the Gay bar and have a daquiri or Pimm's or whatever you drink!

We dont really care who you are your just like us someone who just plays this game so wake up to yourself son sit down and shut TFU:)
21/07/19 08:04
DUCKS, you guys have chirped and chirped about how you have never been beat......and now we beat yo ass and you cant take it......fkn puss!!!...………..Go sit in the corner with the rest of your pimples and STFU!
21/07/19 08:21
Dude, we really don't give a tinkers cuss if we win or not geez it aint gonna change our lives if the win has changed yours I'm saddened for you! get a dog!
A lot of our guys have played this game virtually since its conception and have just probably in their defence stated that we have never been beaten at a GC thats all! again well done! what do ya want bud a medal or a chest to pin it on?
Sit down grow up man you dont want to poke the bear beleive you me you havent got the equipment:)