The Stupid Iranians Are Destroying This Game As Usual

05/02/17 03:29
Sublinet, first you let the Iranians destroy this game with their 0-0-10 formations, and now, if you see the so-called "top-ranking" teams from Iran Urmia Death, you can see that they are playing really stupid one-sided football.

This is a joke as this is unrealistic and childish football.

However, it is not about being tactically clever but all their teams copying one stupid asshole!!!! Of course, you at Sublinet will let them do as they please.

So, thanks for being twats like the Iranians, Sublinet!!!!!

P.S. This game has become so stupid and you cannot even think of ways to programme it to make it look like a football game? How pathetic!!!
05/02/17 16:40
well I cant argue with that
07/02/17 01:47
The only thing we can do to make this game work in our favour, Shaun, is to change our team flags to an Iranian one.

Like the Iranians who are so proud of being Iranians that they are using the flags of other countries!!!! I wonder why?

Religious and political oppression; torture and murder of innocents by Ayatollah and his cronies...and with help from Sublinet too???

I too would be ashamed to be Iranian.... hahahaha!!!!!
22/02/17 04:19
03/03/17 13:36
@Simpleman, no need to get rude, stay with the game and don't get political.
03/03/17 14:23
simpleman, i agree with rapid about not needing to be rude, but i also agree with u on how stupid these people are with their ridiculous tactics!

politics? i really don't give a shit but neither rapid or i nor anyone else have a right to deny u the right to speak out even in the context of this being just a game.
03/03/17 14:35
08/03/17 19:26
Agree z

This game now represents ping pong. The point of being able to plan and build your players and pit your wits against others has long been lost.

Every single ****ian player I come up against uses virtually the exact same tactic.

With that and a player running backwards the full length of the pitch with the ball makes the end product a ridiculous game that would be an insult to call it football.

And now this ridiculous sports shop, Sublinet are really scraping the barrel and successfully ruining this once very enjoyable game. I suppose I can only assume that the reduction of home advantage has been done purely for the ***ians.

I am sensing a rugby equivalent, if that is the case I am gone. As someone who spends a little e Rey now and then, be their loss.

08/03/17 20:54
You'll be a great loss to the game gareth but hey sublinet seem to enjoy driving away the community, they've been experts at it for months on end. It's a shame how the forum is now dead and only the loyal players like myself and you and a few others even comment. For those interested there is a game called football Master it's a similar sort of game to this except you can't upgrade buildings and you can listen to live commentary of how the game your playing is going and best of all there is no suspicious activity going on within the game.
08/03/17 23:44
if you weren't all bellends may be more players would use the forum