Forest Special are recruiting

01/11/19 16:42
We need a few active players to join us, check out are ranking and hopefully we'll see you soon
02/11/19 08:47
unfortunately your going to find it difficult mate been trying to get a few teams for over a month now and the 5th team before giving it up was helping another none Iranian guild out but was 25% inactive teams i think the only way to go now for some of the none Iranian guilds is to join together and make some stronger guilds because there are some real good non Iranian teams out their but not enough active teams!!
02/11/19 15:40
I've opened up rebels so anyone can join and we give anyone a fair shot but if they're in the guild for themselves e.g recieiving heals but not sending or deliberately not playing challenges but being active in chat I've had that I'm just gunna let them go straight but reason I've opened up to anyone is because I know most recognised players are loyal to their teams so won't move so we have to try to find new talent from elsewhere and we've been lucky to a degree some good guys have come but we've also got some that aint doing much slowly we will weed the dross from the good guys out.

Ashley (Dark destroyer) - Leader at Rebels
05/11/19 04:35
It sure does seem like there are fewer and fewer "English" speaking guilds out there. I have noticed quite a drop myself.

Our guild (PRO BOWLERS) is doing fine and well. I frequently will scan through the top guilds with guild challenge points and will aim to invite non-Iranian players from any guild that has 19 or less players. I don't bother inviting anyone from a guild that has 20+ players as it's obvious they aren't leaving and it's particularly annoying to get invites from other guilds when I am obviously not going anywhere as well. Really, the only time people would most likely even consider leaving is when a guild drops below 19 players as usually that's the end of the line.

The Iranian guilds tend to get reshuffled and rebuilt all the time. We do end up with an Iranian guy from time to time, but really not a big deal as long as they are active. However, they never end up lasting very long and end up leaving sooner or later (usually sooner).

Anyway, just saying hello from one English speaking guild member to some others out there!

07/11/19 21:07
guys help us out celts guild is folding some have joined mine but still bout 6 good active teams there hv a look check each team schedule and u will find the active ones cheers
10/11/19 10:08
Hey Taffy rebels is a bit like ha too we have what I would say 6- 8 reliable guys rest are questionable I'm happy to offer you a merge if you want and we make a complete active guild I know a few of the peeps in my team who are showing up are getting frustrated by the passengers annoying thing that gets me is they all send heals but it's meaningless when not all play challenge
11/11/19 16:42
hi kieran look at the celts guild only 11 teams left now 2 are inactive my 5th team which i stop playing cant invest in it any more & hungry hobos but the others are still active but hurry as they leaving fast
12/11/19 20:54
Every single player has an invite to rebels and is more than welcome to play dark desroyer if they would like a guild o play in we have 5 spots currently so a few could definately come in