Guild challenges - the next phase

05/01/16 12:12
I must admit the guild challenge system has really proved to be a shot in the arm for this game. At least people can gauge how well they stack up against their peers, and have a laugh doing it.

Like all new developments it can be the basis to build something unique. How about "guild leagues" to keep track of how well your doing overall (as opposed to once off), and it would be great if we could chat to our opponents during the challenge to bring more excitement. Or even if you could boost your guild - by selling heal kits (or golden balls), or make it look different to others (based on guild wins bonus awards).

However, the real excitement in any Time Management Game is the personal interaction, as opposed to waiting for clocks to tick, and that's what makes you want to log in every time. Perhaps a global chat-bar, or ability to communicate better with other players/guild would be a real bonus addition.
05/01/16 12:47
i like your idea it would be brilliant having a guild table
05/01/16 12:53
yeah brilliant idea! a "trophy room" would be cool, for the guild and for the player (every time a tournament or league is won a trophy could be added)
06/01/16 08:28
I'd certainly like to see a "scoreboard/results" and a "standings" table(s) introduced.