GvG TerraNova vs British Lions 2 June 2016

01/06/16 16:39
Our first Fairgame GvG here at TerraNova

We really looking forward to it.

Good Luck
01/06/16 23:21
As are we,......
Good luck and enjoy

Anyone specific short of cash over there ?

02/06/16 06:34
Did your level 20s run away lol ?
02/06/16 07:46
Haha we are still building taff so let's see how our strategies goes against your 135 star players....
02/06/16 08:08
Am sure they will go better than the level 20s who lost friendlies and dropped out of the team lol
02/06/16 08:23
Hahaha let's see what happens
02/06/16 09:19
Good luck to everyone for today
02/06/16 13:26
Hehehe thought that might bring them back lol
02/06/16 17:29
Well played. Both guilds has good strategy. Good to play a guild thats fair and dont use match bonus.
03/06/16 06:47
Well played guys!we got the draw.......just lol!you guys are very strong and very nearly got the win!but we enjoyed it alot!hopefully we will meet again sometime!