Prevent Manipulation of GVG Challenges

03/07/16 09:49
Suggestion. Do not allow players to rejoin a guild that they have left, or been kicked out of, until 24 hours has passed. Les Requinze reduce their guild numbers before a challenge is selected, and then bring back in the same players that have just left their guild during the preparation day. That way they are reducing the number of players in an opponents guild, thus making it more difficult for them to lose a challenge.
03/07/16 10:26
This is a hard one to balance , of course the deliberate manipulation is one thing, but with the ability to move between guilds greatly reduced (academy guilds being a real problem) it's a tough call.
06/07/16 15:03
Impose a financial penalty to move?
06/07/16 15:18
they are french so they do what they want!!, i dont see anything wrong with this tbh, you cant beat there best then you dont deserve to win VIVE LA FRANCE
06/07/16 15:57
Thanks for your useful input SAD
07/07/16 00:37
its fine BFT