22/06/17 10:55
Hi Guys,

Is there now way there can be an incentive for friendly games being played?

Surely with a certain amount of games being played you can give a certain amount of training points to that team perhaps.

Example: 20 games played / 10 points per player???

OR 10 games played being the same as a 4hr training session even

As they are building there team and enjoying the game

Just an idea what do you think?
22/06/17 13:02
Nice idea not sure the developers would go for it as they want real money spent on the game but it would reward the active players
22/06/17 14:46
You can play unlimited friendlies. If you did that the addicts like myself would have all max level players at all time and would be flooding the ah with max level players and then entropy would occur and the game would die.
26/06/17 21:18
Sounds a dangerous idea to me as BM suggests.
26/06/17 23:28
the only thing that I think needs an incentive to play it how it should be played is the ranking system whoever thought of that rather dreadful idea needs there head examining, loosing fans for games you don't even start like really? you've got players like me and I know of others refusing to play the ranking system how it should be played aiming for as high as possible because they don't want to loose 10,000+ fans a day when you can only gain a max of 5,000 so instead i'm quite happy to be 10,000+ down the lobby board even though my team is over 170 rated meanin I get easy games all day long and nobody will challenge me and obvs I and many of the guild I am in could aim much higher if we wanted.
27/06/17 00:02
I love the ranking system. Most stay high rank and high fan if they belong