Players never getting tired !!

17/11/18 14:34
Targaryen Dragons :

sigh, lets try this again
YOU CAN'T SEE TEAM SETTINGS, so just because individual is at 100%, team might be at only 50%
ENERGY DOES NOT EQUAL MATCH FATIGUE, both energy and morale work as multipliers on 20% of your overall skill level, so energy at 50% means a reduction in skills of 10% but has only effects match fatigue in that your stamina is 10% lower

I understand all of this, but the maths don't work mate. If you are training your players to half energy, and running individuals at 100% and they are running at 15 less than higher teams, they can't run at full pace for the whole match, they shouldn't outrun higher players as they at least 15 below the higher team, The higher team is beating teams level to them, but all of a sudden a much lower team runs in tries for 80 mins, even when the higher team subs up the backline, with higher level players, but are still outrun by the lower team who haven't subbed any players ! The pure logic says fresh players at half time will outrun the lower team due to fitness and speed. But the game doesn't drain the players energy what so ever. And now I hear that Sports kits only improve your team as long as you have the perfect strat !! Get rid of these stupid sports kits, and just train the best team you can, and then see how the game works !!
19/11/18 15:03
Phalanx Damage Inc. :

Iain, what is your guild name?

I can't help you if you don't tell me your guild name and team name
20/11/18 00:11
but then we would all see how full of shit he is
27/11/18 15:41
OK does anyone else know what Iain Rees' team is and which guild he is in?
29/11/18 14:31
Targaryen Dragons :

but then we would all see how full of shit he is

Wow !! Your a nice person ? No need for that kind of comment !
01/12/18 01:56
Iain Rees :

Targaryen Dragons :

but then we would all see how full of shit he is

Wow !! Your a nice person ? No need for that kind of comment !

Or he might just help you
01/12/18 07:05
i've tried for months to help Iain, he hasn't paid any head to any of the advice I or anyone else has offered, nor has he responded to any requests for team/guild name so that people can watch the games he comes on her moaning about, at this stage he is either a troll or an imbecile, either way i'm done caring
03/12/18 14:00
I'm with Targaryen Dragons on this. I've asked twice for Iain's team name or guild name so that I can have a look at their teams and watch a few games and see if I can help them out, and he's seen both but has chosen not to respond. This can only mean one of 2 things: he's trolling, or he's actually scared that I will find that he and his guild actually really don't have a cooking clue and that what I've been saying the whole time in this thread about the main strategy centre is true.

So all I can say is, Iain, you're on your own mate. I won't bother responding to your questions in future - total waste of my time. And to Iain's guild mates, if you're seeing this, look up Damage Inc. Labs. It's our training guild - we will help you out and get you on the right track.
30/12/18 18:35
Iain Rees :

Phalanx Damage Inc. :

Iain Rees :

Phalanx Damage Inc. :

Players individual strategy settings are only a portion of what makes a complete strategy. He's probably found a good setting on rhythm in his main strategy settings that allows his team to perform the way they do.

Oh so your telling me that you can now run your team on 100% rhythm for a whole match without getting knacked !! Well that logic doesn't work in any way, by the pure logic that 100% can't last a whole match ? Also how do you explain much lower stat players being able to out run faster players ? Playing a team 2 levels below you, and they don't have any shoes at any level, where as your team has level 3 shoes thus increasing your players by 15 + the 10 diff of the levels, so his team is out running players who are 25 above ?? Sorry no logic at all. Our guild have seen too many of this happening, there is something wrong with the system, either our teams are being restricted, or theirs are acting above their stats !

Yes your guild is the only guild in the game that is not able to set the rhythm low on the main strategy. This is a hack that all other guilds are currently using to our advantage. We have also been given the ability to use multiple variations of other sorts of settings in our strategy, whereas you can't. What a pity that we have been found out. Darn it!

Ummmm we do set rhythm low dude !! Answer this one then, 3 of guys played a team 3 levels below us, who's team was on 56% energy, had level 2 sports kits across the board, had all backs at 100% rhythm, our teams had level 3 sports kits across the board, all players at 100% energy and top level stats for their backs, so the start of the game is 44% energy, and 30 stat points for every back above his team. But his players ran 100% for the whole game, even thou we sub at 45mins for the whole backline, his players still outrun ours for the whole match ! On no level is that possible, his players running 100% and only at 56% energy should mean his players are knacked at half time, but at no point did his players slow up, then of course you have to look at the speed difference which makes us all laugh, cause how can a player 30 stat points below outrun those players ! The maths don't work mate, Nitro should sort this out, it makes a farce of the game, and if Team energy doesn't count, why bother having it, and everyone train their players to 0% energy !

That is more than likely explained by the energy bug. A player trains then goes offline. It can then happen that their energy level gets stuck for hours on end at the same level to all appearances for would-be opponents, when in fact their players are recovering in energy by the hour as normal. The way to test this for sure is to play them in a friendly and after that check the team's energy level. The friendly usually causes the game to update the true values. You can often spot the energy bug when say someone is still 84% energy a couple of hours after a championship or tournament game. No movement at all in energy over time is to be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. It's obviously harder to spot at the lower levels as players recover a lot slower. It's quite obvious at the top levels, especially with Visa players who recover at well over 20% an hour.

As for teams lasting with some of the players at 100% rhythm, this is perfectly feasible and often down to a number of factors, inter alia, and beyond the obvious stamina training:

1. Main strat rhythm
2. Main strat and player penetration
3. Ruck aggression
4. Whether the player is a visa or not
5. The level the team is - the higher the level, the longer the players and teams last.
6. Spacing (i.e. the less metres a player runs, the more energy conserved)
7. (I suspect even defence speed affects it, but I'm not sure on that).

There is some randomness too, like those games with super long rucks often deplete the players' energy quicker I find. Also if your opponent is just poor, then a smaller amount of effort is going to be needed to beat him. Lastly, I suspect that if your strat is finely tuned and you have a very nice balance between the main strat settings and the players, this can conserve energy. Some strats just seem to sap energy more than others - it's just how it works. Watch the games and adjust accordingly.

As for outrunning people on higher levels, I would say this is down to a quirk in the game whereby tackling from behind is vitually non-existant unless the guy making the break is super tired or you are a lot quicker with your tackler (a back tackling a slow forward for example). Mostly, if you break the line, even if you are slower, the defending player rarely recovers the situation from behind. It's poor programming from the developers this, but I suppose it is done that way so that people can actually score instead of being tackled all day causing lots of low scoring games.