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Let's talk about anything here guild mates.
Crap! I forgot my I.D. Be right back.

Great idea my friend. I talked smack to try to get other player's attention so that we could all communicate.:) BTW, enjoy playing your team. You are really good. At the moment, it is new season, but kind of worried. Nobody has any games scheduled at the moment.
Thanx !! You have a better team than mine atm though. I am still learning the game and it's my first time playing a game about American Football. Come Back King show me how to defend by destroying me during 1 map game. Thanks to him for that . About the new season, let's wait until 2017( in EU we are still in 2016). I am sure there will be scheduled games very soon for everyone.

Have a Beer and cheers for the New Year !!!
(Sorry for my bad english too)
Topic 1 : What stats are important for a Wide Receiver (WR) ?
In my opinion, a WR need to be able to catch long pass ( Receiving and Reception Range ), to be fast ( Speed )

and to be durable ( Stamina ).

He also need to be able to dodge tackle from the CB or DL ( Juke ), to not fall on the ground after a successful

tackle ( Penetration Strength ), to avoid injuries after a successfull tackle ( Toughness ).The last core stat is

Carry that help your player to keep the ball after a successfull tackle from the opponent team defence (good way to

avoid Turnover ).

Did you guys agree with that or not ? If no why ?
TOGO that is an excellent assessment, though I would put them in a different order. And you say english is not your first language. I think you speak it, type it, whatever, lol, very well!
Thanks Mr. RILEY. Yeah i haven't put them in order but if i have to, i would have prioritize Toughness and Penetration strength.

That remember me about the nightmare of dealing with all the injuried players in early level...
Well here's my tip for the day, high rhythm increases your chances for injury
I agree with you. Another fact is that, in early levels ( from level 1 to let's say level 4), some people put lot of point in the

stat for their DL, LB and S. That also increase the chances of injury for your players ( RB, WR, TE ) when

you will face their team.
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