Who’s your top 5 rated ?

Bm and ivory both still play don't worry
Vmax Sozo, Sotoneitor, Caernarfon, Ystradgynlais, MasseGat.
I struggle to beat these guys even when they're offline, no chance when online. Many, many, others but these spring to mind today.
I agree with monks, if you can stay in top 30 without getting hammered everytime you turn off your phone, you deserve the respect. I don't fit that catogery lol.
Theyve got to ease them selves off slowly, too quickly and you get withdrawal symptoms. I once heard of a player mugging a pentioner just to buy a no 9!
Yeh i see bm too, allthough no guild again and not active since 30th.
Shame, top player and deserves a spot on that list and I liked him despite what others thought.
More then one account dredlocked
Black Monks :

One of the fallen legends of the game :

Surely the good people at BMRS must have a solution and the desire to crunch lots of data given Black Monks sorted out the guild ratings

This is actually one area where the bmrs team isn't needed, sweet nitro got it right. The folks (20-30 as mentioned above) who can consistently stay at the top of the top 100 and aren't afraid of fan loss as they can win matches, those are your best. If you have to hide to keep fans....you know you aren't the best. If you get to the top by riding a guild mate then you aren't in that and if you got it by using high rhythm and only playing tired opponents you aren't the best. I think we all know who the best are and sometimes we try to sneak some mates into the top x by kicking out people we don't like even though deep down we know those folks belong. For my part, any top list without taff, els dynamos, caer, mooners and ivory would be incomplete.

I think if we are talking about a top 5 of all time, you're probably spot on. Thing is people like me have only been at the top level for a short period of time, so I never had an opportunity to play against els dynamos (at least I don't remember playing him), although I have played the other 4 you mention and I would agree with your evaluation.

In terms of the question of who are the top 5 active players right now, I think its tough and a bit subjective. Some of us play more games against some teams than others. All in all I think we could make a top 20 list and any one of those teams can be the best on a given day, depending on tweaks made to strats, etc.
I think there is generally a question as whether some people can be bothered to play for the rankings. The answer today might be different if some of the semi-retired legends were active in this space. Then there are those that favour fans to top the guild rankings avoiding getting involved because the loss of 1 fan tips them over the edge. In a way it is a shame the massive tournaments never really worked to have a right battle with the last person standing taking the crown of being the best player in RM.
The number 1 spot means nothing anymore now due to guild alliances.
I haven't got a top 5 but I got a top 3.

Wolves (Spuitpoep)
Poola (AOC)
Ivorian (La Cag)
Ystradgynlais :

The number 1 spot means nothing anymore now due to guild alliances.

If you can't beat them, join them. Alliance mate? Wes and fight club? The others seem to be at it so why not..
At least we would be in the open about it?
I think the top 100 has been a team sport for a while now. It was allways going to happen. When you have a guild where the majority of people are capable of top 100, when they get there they will have a coordinated defence and attack by default as they will talk, share, warn, etc about opponents and have an advantage over guilds with less in top 100. So it becomes a guild sport rather than individual. Particularly as its not who has better online strat (both online), its if my online beats your offline and my offline is strong enough to keep me close enough to top to re advance the next day.
With many guilds capable of playing this sport now then the inevitable was they were going to team up to form bigger teams for advantage.
Top 100 has changed a lot of late but its still far more challenging than top rank guild. And you learn way more.
Hull fc. Sean :

Has to be in no order


Although hate him or love him bluemooners would be in there if he still played.
With ivory at number 1 who imo has gone down as the best that has ever played.

I'm quite sure you distinctively stated, on several occasions, that you, sir, are the "Greatest Player of All time." Just sayin'