High Score Challenge - Springfield 49ers from The Bar edition... post your scores here:

Mark, Mark, Mark.... guess you didn't learn to shut your mouth.

well now is time to deal with the consequences.

Let's play some friendlies, boys.... highest score on Springfield 49ers, wins a high five from me over on discord....

Post your scores here so we can see how much fun Spring is having.

Remember... Have Fun!
32-14...... I suck LOL
62-0... I let Jammin start... thanks Jammin!
LOL!! Wow I suck
Pack has the current highest score. 70-0
Oh, this will be fun!! Going to take awhile.. I suck harder than Jammin. Which is reall hard to do.

Do I get an award for that?
Not quite high score 56-0
What?! Lmao
He didn't get high score but, More Beers Please beat him 22-20 being 7 levels lower. Good job Beers!!
LOL, More Beers Please sounds like a polite fellow.

Unlike this douchebag.