daily harassment

There is a user named P.I.Team. That is obsessed with my team. Carries every day of the season playing against my team from 20 to 45 games a day. Sometimes during 4 hours without me doing anything.

It is normal? something happens to him mentally for this player? someone knows their alliance to see if you have a problem?

What can I do about it? I joined and in total it has taken me 200 games in 12 days, and that is already assuming a problem.


pictures do not work, but who wants to see my problem can visit my team and see my match history.
the only way that I have to leave PITeam harassment, is to put an incorrect alignment
Enter check your equipment to upload two pictures, which is very annoying if someone devote his life just to annoy others, and more being just a game, I would like to see a hole life of Pi Team

Att: Old School


PL is a very active player, who plays about 100 friendlies a day. He especially plays teams that are better then him. He learns how the opponents play and he adjusts his team. Nothing wrong from his side ... He is not out to harass you, he is just trying to improve.
From your end I can see it is very irritating and there is nothing you can do ...except ...make a stupid tactic and put it on when he plays you. score some own goals, put every one in his goal area, do whatever ...he will stop playing you then
Welcome to the club my turn today 47 games and counting lol
accept the compliment ...he only plays good players. He plays me much less now, so I should be worried about my team
Lol your teams on a second wind may have dipped for a bit but your back up there again . I really don't mind especially as I only lost 2 games and won 37 happy with that
relief, PL is playing me now
ok swans. You're right.

I was worried about whether it was personal. But if he is so in nature, I have no problems.

I think today I PI is better tactically. The clueless one is a higher rival for PI. hehe sorry The clueless one.