Anyone else lost most of their players due to ANOTHER stuffed up update?

This game has all but lost its appeal, if it wasn't hard enough playing against several cheats from the top leagues, SN have yet again stuffed this game up to a new level. My main team now has only 12 players. I was only meant to have 3 retirees this season and was looking fairly strong.

Even last time they stuffed up with the extra short season my packed players lost pretty much a whole seasons life and was only compensated with a few clarty Golden balls.

FFS Nitro, something needs to be compensated somewhere as I'm sure I won't be the only one leaving this stupid bl**dy game!
I know I was going to lose some players but I'm 99% sure at least one other went as well & the def ratings on my GK were all maxed they are not now & they are not even the same they are all over the place they have screwed this up big time
Another dirty trick is players who's auction had not ended before the upgrade did not get the points boost so you could end up buying what looked like a good player but is now crap & you could also find you now cant sell players that were up for sale that should have gone for a good price
They replied back saying that I had 5 retirees... I obviously missed two apparently, however I'm 99.9% sure I had more players than that but that still doesn't account for them stuffing up my packed players last time otherwise I'd still have one of them too. I'm done with buying anything from this game again... If they want the other nations to win by cheating so be it, but I guarantee 100% that if they don't fix my situation the will NEVER get another cent from me. Stuff em!
at least you got a reply john sent them 5 tickets not one has been responded to
They may have had quite a few complaints to get through so far
Gurizinho in our guld dont think he's realised in rebels John only has 11 players if you look if he takes an injury he's screwed basically cos a 7 rated player will come in also new boys has been screwed worse than us as well and includes some 7 rated players in his first team XI