I need a guild to join!

Hello guys, i am nearing my building of recurtment house. I would like a good guild which i can join once ready. having already been playing rugby manager for 2 years i know a lot about guilds. i am good at sending heals and will talk on the chat.
If you are a good guild. Please Hire me.
I am up to currently 12,600 fans and 230 something in quality. I am level 87 in championship.
I'll take you Bulls please play Dark Destroyer in the guild rebels or any of the members they all know you want an invite as i've tipped them off we have plenty of space and where looking for anyone who is active any level to join and grow with us .


Ashley - Dark Destroyer and not good just better in the guild rebels both are my accounts
are you gonna invite me?
i have played my match against you, twice.
Hi Bulls I guess you're dark destroyer apologies I didn't invite I thought your team was called Bulls but your dark destroyer now has an invite i've also been blocked from replying to you in the forum so i'm having to use one of my other accounts
didja say a bad swear word or sompin?
If you are still looking go to English Premier League & play CHELSEA or Chelsea fc 1905 3 times & we will send an invite