Intra Guild Tourament.

Can we have a tournament within our own Guilds? It'll be like having a competition with your mates.
This would be a great addition, the guild leaders can set their own reaards. Like money, recruitment credits or gold balls. From their own stock of course
Love this idea.
I like the idea except for the rewards coming from your own stock as this isn't helping your guild members!
We run one, and I know a couple of other guilds do ... Just for the fun of it.... Handicap system and everything lol
Taff - British Lions
Love this idea!!!

Im for this. Make it happen guys
If it helps guys, we play ours over 2 legs, home and away fixtures.
The handicap is based on the average star rating of the squads at 1.75 points per star difference added to the aggregate score.
Makes for some interesting results I can assure you.
Shh Taff! Guys, if you want to do an inter guild cup then just join our guild - we always welcome active players with a good sense of humour! You'll find us, British Lions, we are usually knocking around between 11th and 20th on the guild list.