Active player needs guild.

Hi I am looking for an English speaking guild. Fairly new to the game, currently undefeated after 3 in Championship 4, so well on my way to Champ 6. Have an avg team rating of 23.46 but this is always improving and 2 of my players have over 20 and 30 points stacked for when my championship rank raises.

Looking for an active guild with regular GvG events.
Hi Shaun, sounds good mate, you are welcome at Bad Mother Ruckers
If your fans are under 100k, just play me in a friendly and I will send you an invite.
Just played a friendly against you team name is Scottish not British
Just invited you to our Guild after you played me DHSFP 3 times.
Hi, may I have an invite too please?
Oh, my team name is Cornish Pasties.... I'll play you in a friendly
I'm new to the game and I'm massively struggling to find an active friendly guild. I have a team rating of over 24 and looking to progress quickly. I would like an active guild so that I can take part in guild battles. Currently my fans is way below your required 100,000. Hopefully you'll let me in.