GVG - Cash boost

Black Monks,

Notice the JL Academy had been drawn against your guild, is there anyone over there in need of cash. I ask as i am due to play my GVG games and clearly i wont be winning any lol.
Thanks, I will ask. I know I'm fine on cash
Evening Liverpool III's

must confess i'm low on cash to upgrade banks before I can get to stadia, think 'Bloody Mens' also could use a bit of financial assistance

Cheers fella

Cpt Skids

apologies not Liverpool III's - Liverpool RFCXV - sorry

has been a long day!!
Liverpool... if there's anyone else feeling similarly generous, I wouldn't mind a couple of games.

Thanks for asking.
games inbound Cpt Skids and np's whatsoever
Consider it done AA
Appreciate the gesture Liverpool, pls pass thanks on to all!!!
Will do mate, keep it real
Thanks Liverpool!

Your generous contribution to my new stadium earns you a box on the halfway line for 2 whole seasons!