The International Fight Club is recruiting

The International Fight Club is looking for a new member to fill its prestigious ranks. We are so bored in gcs at the moment that we have taken up baking, so a good Baker would be ideal or a Mary Berry type that could judge cook offs. For guild appearance this person must be high level, 62+ with 25/56 stadium and willing to max fans. An intricate knowledge of pastry and sponge is all so helpful.
Friendly me.
Fiiiigggghhhhttttt!! Lolz.
Two spots open at the moment due to retirements. Anyone fancy joining?
We are a very active and competitive guild, allways in top 10 when full members. We share strats and try and help everyone be the best.
Level 63+ only, with level 26 stadium. 25 if willing to upgrade quickly.
Ps we don't do the match fixing.