Can someone please explain this intensity thing in proper english. Dont copy and paste the developers note.
Yea wont happen, the french cant win if everyone knows how it works...
you're basically fucked here. It's SN way to explain shit they don't even know about.
I have an AH team, so things may be different for me. I pay no attention to "intensity" and don't recognise any change in gameplay throughout the season.
Conversations with Nitro suggest that is based on level rather than quality. A higher level generally means a higher quality but it's not really the same thing. I think it may have been introduced to control the possibility of a lower level beating a higher level. I know some players had been bitching about this. At the time of introduction it certainly became very difficult to beat a team even a single level above. That's changed since which may have been due to them adjusting the effect or even removing the factor altogether.