Legend Slayer /Cerberus - RIP

Francois- aka Cerberus/ Legend Slayer was laid to rest today.

He was in a road traffic accident on Sunday and died from his injuries on Monday.
His family asks for him to be remembered at his best in a game that he loved.

As the player Legend Slayer, he has been in a few guilds including Damage Inc and Juggernauts. Maybe some I don't know too.
He decided to retire but missed a game that he loved. In trying to rebuild his team he came to Valhalla Awaits! as Cerberus and helped us grow the guild.
I understand he had emotions like everyone, but he loved the game and shared it with his daughter.

Can I ask everyone please? Play a friendly game against Cerberus in Valhalla Awaits! in honour of all the games from a fellow RM player.
His family sees his games so will appreciate this gesture.

RIP - Francois.

Please leave your messages of condolences on this thread for his family.
My deepest thoughts, prayers and condolecences are with you.

Conakryka - La Ric@rgn@ise
is the guild name spelt sadly I can't find him never had the chance to meet the man but sounds a great player. Maybe his daughter sometime can give me a game on his behalf i'm Ashley Longthorn of black venom i'll look out for the name RIP cerberus
The Guild has renamed - 'Legend Slayer in Valhalla RIP'.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family, I hope his daughter continues to play in his honour.

Ashley Longthorn :

is the guild name spelt sadly I can't find him never had the chance to meet the man but sounds a great player. Maybe his daughter sometime can give me a game on his behalf i'm Ashley Longthorn of black venom i'll look out for the name RIP cerberus

Cerberus is our guild but currently, we are called 'Legend Slayer in Valhalla RIP' in his honour.

Please keep the friendlies coming.
Doing our bit in cymru uprising to show our respect to such a great man

R.i.p francois

An update on recent events related to this article.

After hearing of this tragic event Legend Slayer remained in our guild run (as we believed) by his daughter. Many guilds worked together to get the team to number 1, guilds changed their name is his honour. And in GC, guilds let the team have the wins.
This was the great side of the RM community. Showed the compassion of everyone for a fellow game player.

Yesterday, we were told that this was not true. That the hoax of his death was in aid of studies for a masters looking into the behaviour of game players.
Legend Slayer is in fact alive and well.

This came as a shock, for 7 months he has pretended to be dead.
And pretended to be his daughter asking for help.
Yes, call me gullible. But we did not question a grieving family or ask for proof. I struggle to understand the mentality of someone who provided such details of his own death and funeral, knowing it to be a lie.

After the initial shock, I questioned him about the research study.
Especially seeing I was a subject of his study without knowing it.

From my own Masters quite a few years ago in a behaviour science, I know that I had to submit a full statement on the ethics of study, consider the impact to others including the emotional impact, and I had to plan some mitigation of negative impact as far as reasonably possible. Not just financially but to recompense anything given by others relating to the study.

Legard Slayer was not willing to give any information regarding these and justify it by saying that he had chatted to his professor and it was a success.

He was unable to discuss the study at any level. And claimed he does not need to “exonerate himself to anyone”.
This has led me to believe that his explanation of his hoax as a research study was a second lie.

Ethical standards are included in every reputable research to protect others. False information is never permitted and holding back information has to be rationalised and supported.
Subjects of the study must be informed, and any findings shared with them.
In my opinion whatever led him faking his own death was not for a legitimate research. I do not know his reason for the hoax.

For me this is despicable behaviour and he no longer welcome in our guilds. And I apologise to everyone that helped me to provide his (fake) daughter with a number 1 position or gave him games in GC. (No Gc were ever won on this, just spare lose game to one team rather than others in our guild).

However, please make your own mind up.
Maybe the Degree should have been in 'The effect of psychotic behaviour on games players'

More like a cry for attention, in the most despicable manner!
The death hoax. You should meet our president. He loves talking about hoaxes like the coronavirus hoax.
I heard about this on Saturday, I think. Another twist in the Rugby Manager saga for Discovery Channel's documentary one day.

Rugby Manager: the Glory, the Drama and the Downright Despicable

When I had to complete assignments of this sort, my lecturer had us approach people and ask permission to be involved in the research and I gave them copies of my assignment before submitting it. Seems like the right thing to do. I suppose it was difficult to ask permission, in his case, if he could involve you all in a fake death story so that he could measure your responses? But then again, surely there was a better option than to fake death!

IF he is now telling the truth, it leaves a pretty bad taste in the mouth no matter how he tries to touch it up. Not least, I'm sure, for those in Valhalla who interacted most with him over the past few months. I imagine that, like the rest of us, he must have surely made some close friends in the game. Personally, even losing a friend that I only knew via a game and whatsapp would still leave a mark. I wonder how those guys and ladies feel about what he's done? They believed their friend was dead for months.

I have heard that actual money was donated towards his family and that banking details were provided through his number, supposedly by his daughter, and that he now denies having any knowledge of it. Is there any truth to this? If so, how much money was transferred? I believe this should be followed up and the money returned to the senders.

But... something doesn't add up. If he had close friends in the guild or in the game in general, did anyone actually try to phone his family? To check on them? Offer condolences? It seems like something I would think friends would do. Did anyone actually call his number and speak to his daughter? Were his family in on it?

I think there are a lot of questions unanswered.