msg for the big easy

Hey up guys whats happening over in Big easy your guild was a very solid guild?

Hope you guys can recover but if you don't think you can I'm happy to make you some space here guys as I know the quality you have and it's been a pleasure playing you whenever we've played you

yours sincerely

Ashley - Leader of the Guild Black Venom
Thanks Ash, the last of Big Easy are working with Valhalla to build the guild back up again.
There are still some great guys in there. So anyone looking for a new guild. No matter what level, search for Valhalla Geronimo!
Hey Mic good to know the Big easy is rocking on. I see your under new leadership heard you've had a merge ? Good luck oneday if i wasn't helping bulls in Rampage setup i'd defo come and join.
I can vouch valhalla great guys, and clean