A simple solution to a major problem. Friendly games.

You can solve this by putting in a system, which shouldn't be too difficult, that allows you to BLOCK certain players from playing you over and over again. Maybe it would keep a lot of the constant whining and complaining that seems to fill these boards while others are trying to learn to master this great game.

Just a thought, as I, and I am sure many others are tired of reading about it. I had this issue last month when some weirdo kept playing me constatnly for two days, interrupting what I was trying to do, but he went away, so I never said anything about it. However, think this would help others out a lot.
I don't often agree with you but yes I agree with this one
I would think that they could add a specification where you pick a number of games that your team is allowed to play each day against the same opponent. Or how many friendly matches you accept each day. But I must be missing the problem. Does it mean when you are challenged that your team is not available to play matches you pick because someone else keeps challenging you to friendly matches? If that is the case then I think there needs to be a cool down timer before they can challenge you again.
do the support team ever fix anything?
i have had a problem for over a week problem not fixed, cant get them to even answer my tickets, i doubt then even read our tickets.
it would make this 100% better if the support would do their job and just fix everyone problems