HA! Just a warning!! The #1 Guild in the game The Coalition of Conquerors just added a BIG GUN!!!

Yes, #1. Don't go by that fan base stuff. 7 Guild wars taken on, 7 guild wars won. UNDEFEATED! CHeck the supposed "top twenty" no one with even 4 victories. WE HAVE 7!! And now, your worst fears have come true. As of tomorrow, we add my daughter Amanda, who you know as ANNIHILATION to our family of CONQUERORS!!

You have been warned!

Ah, this is fun, and again, having a blast meeting everyone with these threads. BTW, if you would like to become a a part of the Coalition, a part of the family, we currently have two spots open. Just friendly me twice in a row to let me know.

Jason Riley, Myrtle Beach Raiders.

Sorry, but Daddy is quite excited! HA! Feel free to bash or just say hello.
Well congrats on your wins, but because of your relatively low fanbase you aint exactly playing top teams. I know you can only beat what your against and you clearly have some exceptional players that I'm not doubting that but to be the best you have to beat the best and do you honestly think your guild could take on Brotherhood and Pimp aint easy? now to prove yourself as the best that is a battle I would like to see.
Hahahah MB, I love the thread!
While many of you consider urs to be #1, rather u size it up per fanhood or star-rating or simply how old u r on TDM, GC record shows that we, the Coalition, are by far the #1! And u all know that we are a very young guild with a ton of 3rd and 5th leaguers within our membership. Not saying other guilds lack talent or personality, only that we are better than ...well most of you. (Except Bones and Pro Bowlers and Lehigh, u guys really know whats up!)
So, if you wanna come join our guild to spy on us? Give it a try! We wont judge you. Come and see how much fun we are having at Coalition. If you end up learning some from us and sell what uve learned to ur old guild? Well, I suggest u think twice before doing it; is ur old guild really better than us? If you answer yes, then go ahead and be a spy, i dont care. U'll never be as good as Coalition anyways hahahaha

Wish all the players fun and joyful new season!
Also being perfectly honest your players are amongst the Elite and other than the two guilds I've mentioned the rest your out of there league in terms of knowledge of he game, that's why you find the game easy cos you have fantastic players who are well drilled. The Level of fans you have doesn't reflect the quality within your team and a guild like yours should be challenging the best around and when you beat brotherhood and Pimp aint easy let me know then I will consider you as number 1. Good luck
Oh you lot are better than me Guest your all fab players being perfectly honest I'd expect a loss everytime I live in a part of the world where I'm not fortunate enough to understand the game like you do. I'm no longer Brotherhood but I'm just saying if you really are as big as you reckon then those are the sort you have to be beating cos really those are the only elite teams on the game. the rest are average or poor I'm pretty poor in the game beating me is not something I would consider a success if I was in your guild despite my rating rating doesn't mean for a rite lot if you don't have the knowledge to back your team up like I have the rating but my knowledge of the game isn't there.
Congratulation to your Guild Mr. RILEY !!
Thanks TOGO. Yes, I am excited, For two months I have been trying to get her to join me, but she is quite the independent woman and wanted to do her own thing. She has to step back from the game a bit. New Year, more things to do at work, No longer is she going to lead and teach, just play. I am happy for her.

BTW, TOGO, I really love your thread. EXCELLENT idea!! Best thread on the boards. I really wish there was one like that when I first started out.LOL! Will help new people and even some older players out immensely.

And wow, some people take things way too seriously. It's a game, it's fun. Laugh a little. Poke some fun. Lighten up. We took out Bones Brigade, Pick Six, actually so many can't think about it. BUT THAT WASN"T THE POINT!

THe point was about family, loving and laughing and saying it in a joking, game-centered way. And as always, trying to get interaction with all the other players here. Real life is rough enough. I enjoy coming here to joke and laugh, and enjoy the company of great people.

After all, we all already have one thing in common. We enjoy the game and have fun competing! Don't have time in my life for the kind of people who run and bitch and complain over a game. The game is fun, but the COMMUNITY is even better.

Countdown to the arrival of my beautiful daughter: T- 3 hours. HAHAHA!! I am such a dork!
lol so can i send a spy over i got one he aint much but he take notes real well
and he goes on beer runs and he makes snacks i will need him back though so dont treat him to good
HAHAHAHAHA!! Mark said BEER!! You had me at BEER. LOL! Saw you got me a couple of times yesterday Mark. Nice job! Of course our real Raiders had a horrible day. GAH!!! IT's funny how since the new ranking system, a lot of us keep playing each other over and over and just swapping places. It's fun!
Its just are luck haveing one of the best teams in football wait all this time to get back to post season and then BAAM!!!!! the football gods sad WAIT thats the raiders we cant let that happen lol.