Put up or fuck off

Pimps or any version of us have never lost a GC, only been tied by boosting, a while ago. Challenge..... beat us Pimps in a GC boosting or not (you will have to boost to still have no chance) and I will quit right there on the spot, and you will never see a comment from me again.
Good luck =)
No devs or moderators are here or listening so fuck it...... might as well try to make this game more interesting. I will kill Jammin if we lose a GC. You all need to make a super guild of the best left to have a chance, just a suggestion LOL
lol we were the first crew to hold the pimps to a tie.. they almost broke a blood vessel back then... Game is already no fun Jamming you can't leave lol
Those were good times! =)
Better deal Jamming how about if they beat them you join them for 30 days

we are not there yet.. just saying I sure don't want to see you leave

sooner or later everyone loses..... people move or retire.. get pissed about the def or freaken kickoffs.. so on

I do see some of the top crews adding some new weapons... Outsiders looking solid, reborn on the way up
we are on the slow but steady side ourselves.. but we are having a good time and slowly getting to our goals..

hanging with the crew having a blast!

so it's 1-1 should we just call it a draw ? lol

man you guys are like running into a wall..

still as amazing and solid as ever...