Hey PIMPS high and low

This is true Wizzards speakin. I am in lv 34. Hey buddies yoo big boys showed me I got a lot of work left. You lill once lost till lv 50 to me. wont help if you keep beatin me up!!!!! Love for the time i score first time. Hey Streifenkarl - kein alter spieler oder ähnliches. bin ein kleiner Spieler der irgendwann mal ein wenig mit den Grossen spielen will. If you got a player at my level i will love the compatition. If not - take the losses.
And OH before I foreget - there is Pete from the lill pimps. He asked for a dance and got steped on. Now and than I ask him if his dance got better. But nope maybe worse. If I do dance with Pete, his big buddies come around and tell me - he is better than he looks. I do trust that - till I ask him for the next dance.
I'm really scared now
Do not think so. but why did you play me? you knock my head off any time you like.
Oh just to make sure - anything wrong i wrote?
I'm not in the right mood for drama. Play whoever you want and we're playing whoever we want. How simple is that?
true Wizzards :

Oh just to make sure - anything wrong i wrote?

I really don't care about you. I'm sorry
Perfect !!!! We talk again - maybe.
Hey sreifenkarl, I am fine that you do not care !!!!!!want me to post the play requests? I did not ask for it . You did so live with it.
I am totally soory that I did write StreifenKarls name wrong.Shame on me I do better next time