Always looking for a next Pimp

We are always on the lookout for future or current beasts to join our devilish circle of tyrants. If you feel like you would like to represent and have a hard melon, weak ones can't hang for long, comment here. Every fucking comment will be replied with an invite. If you're a douche bag or want to just comment to be funny, we will still invite you and boot your ass immediately if you play =)

P.S. New or old.... the past is the past and we all change views at some time. Do what you think is best for you.
Giants Suck!!!...…
LMAO!!!......thx Jammin'...…..your a swell dude.....hahahahahahha
wait are you looking for douchebags or bags of douche ? asking for a friend
Lmao Neither! Just some "semi" active teams that would like to be a part of our great guild =)
People still baggin on the pimps. SMH. It's just a game and they are good people. That's where I was until I retired. Now I'm on the comeback trail. Here I come!
What's your team name guest?
The Strippling Warriors!
Good to see ya again Strip!