What are the players' quality levels we are allowed to buy for each level? Or how much cheating is going on?

21/04/16 01:53
i am finding it hard to understand why there are teams out there who have players way beyond the levels they are in?

examples: AC.MirHadi (Death Guild) is level 14 but many of his players are 90+ quality?

SCTV (Dream Center Guild) is also level 14 but he has 2 players 105 / 2 players 103 / 1 player 101 quality levels.

Tulua FC (Team Olympique Guild) is level 18 but has 6 players ranging from 113 to 125 star quality

Ghiam Varamin (Guild of Glory) is level 16 but has 3 players at 115 star quality / 4 other players between 102 to 113 star quality.

there are more teams like those mentioned above and i am really puzzled how these teams can have such high level players?

are they allowed to buy players from higher level auction houses?

and how is a team like Asam Aienmlila (Kawasaki Guild) able to have 3 low quality players in his squad when he is level 21? they are 10 and 11 star quality players? he is obviously hiding the actual strength of his team with such players but how is he able to get these players???!!!

could someone please help me solve these puzzles?

thank you
21/04/16 07:44
I can only answer your last question for sure. When a team has less then 14 players, the system will give him star 6/7 players to make sure he can put 11 players in the team at all times ...even when injuries / suspensions occur. Asam had 5 supsensions the other day, so the system gave him a couple of low star players to make sure he cuild start with 11.

The first question, I am not sure about, but I know there is a limit of star quality per level. I dont know if the players you mention have star quality that is higeher then the limit of the level ...but if it is ...then that is strange.
21/04/16 08:28
1) I'm lv.20 and max I can have is 135 quality. Previously I was lv.18 and there it was 125 quality. So it seems an increase of 5 quality per championship level. Working backwards from level 18 then, max for lv.16 = 115 and max for lv.14 = 105 so the players you cite above all fall within this. My guess is that gold balls are being used for quick training to get the most from their players at each respective level. Nice if you can (or want to) afford it!

2) SA Swans is correct about the system giving low quality players to ensure a team has 11 players required to play a match.
21/04/16 10:28
ah, ok, thanks as i found these teams to be strangely stronger than everyone at their levels.
22/04/16 20:27
Hello, I dare say that more and more people using gold for additional training balls. It is not my case, I have a good team, but never have trained with gold balls.
On the other hand, as mentioned in previous reviews, each level has its highest level league player. Here the list:

league-lvl max player


22/04/16 22:53
hi, Forward, thank you for the info and yes, your super-fast team murdered me 3-0 when i played u in a friendly! lol

22/04/16 23:27
Leigh, are you Eagles?
26/04/16 12:37
It seems you are right forwards, there are tons whom are using gold balls to accelerate training. I wonder how much these players spend a month on real life cash.