Line outs

30/09/15 19:29
In the team strategy I know I can select a player to receive the ball. And I can train the line out jump skill in an individual. Does the ball ALWAYS get thrown to that jumper. In which case it seems that we only need to train one person in jumping.
In real life you change the line outs. Would it be possible to nominate more than one player (possibly with a percentage option, ie 5 receives 50% of the time, 7 35% and 8 15%)
30/09/15 21:22
Train players 1-3, 4-5, 6-7 and 8, is always good so that when the opposing team throw the ball, you can steal it with any player. I do it, training all forwards (except Hooker 2) jump and strength to lineout.
But his idea % per player is good, I hope approve.
01/10/15 11:42
Yes, there is only one jumper per team on the field. The game does not simulate the complexity of a real rugby line out, with several fake jumps.
I advise you to train your main jumper, but also his substitutes.
01/10/15 19:38
I'm training a main jumper and the 2 players next to him in lifting him, although i also make sure players up to at least player 5 is also good at jumping because the lineouts isnt always yours, so if other team throws in and your main player miss the ball then obviously other players should be effective in jumping for it too..
03/10/15 16:47
How do you train individual skills?
05/10/15 02:00
My main concern is that i dont really know which 2 players lift each jumper, so im not sure how to train the lifting skill. My guess would be something like 1-4-3-5-6-7-8
Does anybody knows if its like that?
05/10/15 08:52
Craig Williamson :

How do you train individual skills?

Found it.