Forest Reds

14/06/16 12:07

I've sold up and will be leaving the game today. Just wanted to thank everyone who I've played against and have made the game enjoyable. Want to thank Dropkicks though I've never spoken to you for a great rivalry and Cayden who was in CT for a couple months. And especially anyone who was ever in Club Twickenham as you were class.
See you again.
Forest Reds.
14/06/16 15:40
Good luck Forest
21/06/16 22:52
Good luck F R was good to test my team against yours on occasions
22/06/16 13:25
Cheers Forest--- Given the game up myself now as well, as have dropkicks... Game got too boring

23/06/16 10:28
Goodluck forest! Thanks for the shout out!
24/06/16 23:55
Good luck forest from everyone at BIA