Unpredictability in Matches?

23/03/17 06:36
Hey guys, is anyone else noticing that match outcomes have become much more unpredictable since the last updates?

Last night a team 5 levels above me played 3 friendlies against me. The results:
7-21 in my favour.

Yesterday I was beaten 13-0 by a team 11 levels above me in the guild challenge. I played a friendly afterwards and won 10-7. Played another friendly... lost 0-9. Challenged him in the GC...lost 0-21. Played a friendly again a bit later.... I won 21-0.

Is the unpredictability down to playing teams on higher levels? Or is anyone else experiencing similar?

The thing is, if I beat a team on a higher level than me in the GC, I don't want him or his guild thinking I used match bonus. So I will usually play a friendly afterwards and see the comparative scores. But with the unpredictability I'm getting of late, if I play am friendly it may just give the wrong impression!
25/03/17 08:34
Friendlies, league, cup and training matches all seem to have slight tweaks between them if you ask me. There will always be natural differences between matches - does a kick stay in / go to touch etc errors in contact and so forth. Plus substitutes play a huge part too and can make a 20/30 point difference at times!

That said there are some pretty big inconsistencies with this latest release and it's throwing up some really random results at times. What I would say is that most players will look at the speed of your players and performance in line outs etc, if in one game you have a team of usain bolts who win every line out whilst having poorer ratings then it's likely you've boosted, if it's consistent then you probably haven't...
29/03/17 10:37
Yes I have noticed. There is a large variation. In friendlies with my guild teammates with the same tactics there can be a variation of between 30-50 points between matches. eg. I just played 1 teammate won the 1st 28-7 lost the second 14-42. Same tactics.
It's driving us potty as it makes it difficult to see if a tactic change has worked or not.
30/03/17 09:49
As I've made slight tweaks to my strategy, it seems to have settled down. Sure, there's still some fluctuation, but mostly within 2 scores now, which seems pretty realistic to me. Who I was kicking to seems to have made the biggest change in consistency, which sounds stupid I know.
30/03/17 15:51
Am getting fed up with all the changes ! I played great all season using no MB, now suddenly I can't beat anyone ! Nothing has changed with my team ! Guild members have played each other and we can't work out who has the best strats, cause every game is different scores, yet nothing has changed !! Come on developers get the game back to Patch 5, then make sure the upgrade works before you change things !!
30/03/17 17:39
What have you guys done to the game,suddenly my players are playing like crap,knocking balls,passing rubbish and losing possession
30/03/17 21:34
The game engine has been well and truly screwed up. Strategy isn't being followed and players just aren't passing - I have not made any changes that would make my team absolute crap. I just friendlied a handful of potential GC targets and couldn't get near them. Challenged one of them and lost. And then I knock back four challenges with ease from the same teams. Made me a mint of money but no influence on GC outcome, though it seems that they too are affected when they are the home team. Solution - don't play any home games lol.

Come on Sublinet, sort out your cock up and restore sense to the game play - and fast, before the new leagues start!
31/03/17 21:08
Somebody screwed up big time,this made me realize that the moderators enjoying the benefits of people buying stuff so much they change the game in such a manner to enhance more buying.News for you.We are fed upped.You are ruining everything.How can a level 39 player not catch a ball,why does the no 10 starting to pass everything back to the forwards? Rubbish .Get your act together.Or are you deliberately\
trying to kill this game?
31/03/17 21:10
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31/03/17 21:25
janbrits7012 :

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You only gave people 2 mins - calm down!!!

I do agree though, it's all a bit pathetic, this is half the reason why I've just sold up...