Patch 7.14

19/02/19 17:43
OK, so patches 7.12 and 7.13 were clandestine corrections to the cock ups in 7.11 is my guess. They just didn't want to let us know they were sorting their crap out. Jeez, why not tell us guys and get the kudos for coming clean?

I now have a little difficulty with the patch notes , which I sense have lost a little in the translation. Intensity, hmmm. They are neither giving us control over it, nor exposing its mechanics, so I guess we have to "suck it and see" through process of elimination … again! But what is the difference between intensity and rhythm in the game anyway?

And as for the shop/auction. This is going to be fun, not. The auction allowed the Visa boys to fight it out for highest bidder wins. Now they can buy at a fixed price, no doubt set to fill the SN coffers, which will price the non-flexers out of contention.

These things are sheer desperation by the devs. Just fix the known shortcomings and polish the game.
24/02/19 16:46
I think its great to introduce and tweak game engine parameters. Thats how rugby evolves as a strategy in the real world. It should never be a once of search for the Holy Grail and then you have the key for eternity.

Changing the parameters slightly during each off season would be best, then the really good teams will show their colours and adapt quicker than the rubbish teams.
24/02/19 16:47

I'd also like to know how this intensity parameter is supposed to work, and what is the logic/motivation behind it?

If it works similar to a weather pattern and applies to all teams, that would be great. So for example, mid season - teams tend to get tired due to heavy pitches - then those teams with the highest rhythm would suffer more - that would be great.

I hope it applies to all teams equally though. Then all would have to adapt and it would be another great parameter to sort the good teams from the great teams.
26/02/19 12:40
I would also appreciate if someone can add more light on the intensity parameter subject?
27/02/19 15:07
Anybody got a translation on intensity yet. I have my surfboard ready for the first of the three “waves”
19/09/20 13:51
Did anyone ever manage to find out what it actually is?
20/09/20 07:07
i don't know either but don't matter anyway as we're on 7.21 now!!!
20/09/20 11:16
I sent them a ticket about this just the other day, they replied with one of their nonsensical answers again:

Intensity Parameter (Pending Ticket)
Rugby Manager - Rugby Manager 2
22/08/20 00:35

Damage Royal

Why do you have an intensity parameter when a team with a higher star rating (or level) has a natural advantage anyway? What is the purpose of it? Why do you think it improves the game?

Kind regards,
Damage Royale
25/08/20 09:45

Good day,

It's based on league level and not star rating. Main goal is to avoid a low team with full agressivity to overtake a big team.
We have no plan to change it.

The Rugby Manager 2 support team
26/08/20 15:24

Damage Royal

Many thanks for your response. I know that many people on the game feel that it ruins the game as it makes it impossible for a team to compete above its respective level. This makes the map rankings very static and boring and the guild challenges very predictable in many respects (it's all about how many top level teams you have in your guild). The game was far better and more interesting when you had a chance to beat a level or levels above. It was purely down to how good your strategy was, which is essentially the key focus and fun of this game - i.e. whether you are skilled enough to produce a good strategy.

It is a real shame that you have closed your minds to the idea of changing it. I suspect the reason for this is that you received complaints when teams lost. Instead of working on their strategies, they took the easy and lazy option of complaining to you. Perhaps this is not the case, but I can't think of any other reason why you would implement a measure that cripples competitiveness so much.

Kind regards,
Damage Royale
22/07/21 12:26
Funny that according to french players A good explenation of the intensity parameters and how it works was given to them in french. Yet the non french teams/players never received this information, we are still waiting to this day. Talking about unfair advantages...