Uneven GC on constant

27/04/19 08:53
I've been running smash and grab for since xmas for about 2 months on constant we've been loosing cos the standard of opposition is completely unrealistic for where we are the lads really try there best and most games are used but tbh I think a few are like me and getting a bit sick of it our highest player is 72 and every gc were getting guilds that at least consists of 3 players at level 80+. If were loosing like we are I question why are we still after 2 months are we still receiving unrealistic challenges?
27/04/19 18:59
because some guilds from the 40-66 gc point mark dont play gc's as often as you can to manage there gc points.
this allows them to win a high majority and maintain fans
27/04/19 19:01
you're on 61 points which means you winning or drawing over half your gc's (max possible points is 120), so basically you're winning which boosts you up, then meeting a stronger guild which beats you and knocks you back down
06/05/19 16:36
Thats the thing Targaryen It can't be true that we've got 61 pts cos I can't remember the last gc we had that was genuinely an even contest where we took anything the last lot we played in Smash & Grab the oppositions lowest was greater than that of our highest however where my other team is in black venom the majority of the Gc's we come up against don't reflect the quality we have within so we just go in knowing we've won more times than not cos we get put up against teams far poorer than us like game is sooo messed up