30/04/19 00:02
02/05/19 19:21
Jammin Giants :


I see u jammin things gotten. To quiet eh;)?
02/05/19 21:52
I just came here to say Don sucks.

02/05/19 23:51
Someone asked me why I got banned. Told them I would bump the thread. The funniest fucking thing is, they banned me but yet the thread or at least my comment is still here. Hahahahaa!!
03/05/19 04:28
LOL, They are not very efficient.
Kind of like the game.

I hate Don.
03/05/19 18:59
wait thats all it took to get forum banned..? pretty mellow compared to some other post IMO lol
03/05/19 19:00
your best post ever is the one where you told the mods they were child molesters... lol like 3 times in 1 post...

can't seem to find that one lol
03/05/19 20:27
Lmao!! I think that was my first 3 day ban