Guild pairings

12/01/17 22:16
2641320 fans for 20 guys is the same as 3301650 for 25 guys... hence the 12%
12/01/17 23:11
Our scenario is as follows:
Total Members: 25 vs 24
Total Fans: 4 113 470 vs 2 602 160
Average Fans: 164 538 vs 108 423

Average rankings is a complete mismatch as well
12/01/17 23:21
Black Monks :

20% is a significant difference when you really think about it. Avg of 140k can be matched with avg of 112k-168k. Huge range.

From me "there is a debate about what is used for pairing gvg opponents. Is it based on guild fan rankings or individual rankings of the guild members?"

Good day,

It's based on guild fan rankings. The guild must have less than 20% difference

The Rugby Manager 2 support team

Well that was different to the answer they gave me lol.... We asked because we were getting challenges against teams who had double our fan numbers we had 25 teams and 1.3 milion fans and were coming up against 25 team guilds with 2.6 milion fans
13/01/17 06:58
I certainly would hate to be in a "small weaker" guild right now. These match ups are crazy!!!
13/01/17 14:55
Yep, and we have pulled a lot of smaller guilds lately, not good for them and boring for us (therefore not good)