22/02/16 20:22
there is a player in our guild, ghiam varamin, who had 140.000 fans and every building at level 20 ...now he only has 75.000 fans and his building levels are much lower as well. How can that happen?
22/02/16 20:52
strange ...
22/02/16 21:15
I first brought Ghiam to mods attention when he joined my old guild - raised a ticket in fact about him cheating - was told "no cheating in FM2"... well here we go again then!!
22/02/16 21:33
There is real cheating because a level 16 stadium doensn't give access to 3 strategy buildings
23/02/16 15:22
Thanks ... interesting ...would be nice to get a message from the admins if there are people who are cheating ...and what has been done about it.
23/02/16 22:56
Strange indeed, the same thing has happened to a second player in our guild..

If this person has been cheating, reducing the buildings to level 15 still gives them an unfair advantage to other newer

If someone cheats there should be harsh punishments
24/02/16 13:47
and it would be nice if the guild knows about these things
26/02/16 20:58


The level of his buildings is due to a sanction on a bug use
27/02/16 00:56
If they cheated then they should get reduced far lower than level 15, they have full set of buildings at level 15 that makes them extremely strong, they should go down to level 5, at least that makes a few seasons to develop their assets. It's taken me many seasons to get to around level 16's and i dont even have all the land yet
10/03/16 09:49
I have a player I'm my Champion ship called younes46 he is a level 9 and every player is rated an 80 all 23 players level 80 with 50.000 fans how can this be and where do I report it please