Strategies n Balls with Arrows

22/04/16 17:43
hi, i was wondering if anyone knows how the balls with arrows are to be used when creating new actions?

if new action is for defending, which way should the arrows be facing? likewise for new attacking action.

i still cannot figure it out!

thank you
22/04/16 17:48
nor me lol!
22/04/16 20:22
I think nobody knows exactly how it works. I conclude that where the position of the golden balloon put is the reference to initiate movements of attack or defense depending on whether you are in the section of defense or attack, and the arrow Golden Ball I think it might be the level of verticality going to have your team both to defend and to attack
22/04/16 22:57
ok, thank you very much for this. i will try some movements with the arrows n see what happens. wish me luck!

have a nice weekend, Forward.
22/04/16 22:59
thanks, vanillalime, i thought i'd asked anyway. have a wicked weekend.