save the game before it die

07/10/16 16:46
change shape of every thing routine is killing players
make champion for who pay real money call it professional leage

and listen to ideas or professional
and stop stress of bouns
give us joy and fun
or let the game die
07/10/16 18:31
100% agree
07/10/16 19:02

1. Flags for countries - Yes we need. I need the Indian flag.
2. New features very much needed..... Maybe youth club? Relegation?
3. Dont associate championship level to max attribute value... need something else - dont know what
4. Guild level should not be based on fans
5. Need a way to trade players within the guild
6. Guild bank - a portion of the winnings (10%?) goes to the guild bank
7. Use the money in the guild bank to buy guild bonuses ... say being in a guild gives you +10% attack or 10% defensive or 10% physical
8. Allow guilds to capture and defend stadiums (which give more bonuses?)
10/10/16 15:02
It already has died good players are few and far between now or at least the legit ones