Sort the GC's out , and whatever you've done to my strat SN put it back thankyou

06/03/19 23:36
Just come up against a guild , there lowest player is higher than our best player now tell me exactly how we are meant to compete? We might as well all just leave the loose strat on and play the same man so only 1 player gets all the cash. I just feel it's bad enough that you've gone and messed up my strats nitro and please don't tell me otherwise cos it;s blatent I can recognise that some players are better than me but when it;s apparently everyone whose better than my sides nahh im sorry and then to give us impossible GC's or same guilds over and over well as real as I can put it i' m just completely hacked off and at the point where I feel like saying enough is enough I might not be a paying player but im still a part of the community and without longstanding players like myself and many others you wouldn't have a game to run you might wanna think about that before more players call time.
07/03/19 09:03
Not sure if SN are gonna consider changing the gc's as you've stated just now, but imo yeh the gc competitions sometimes are shit
07/03/19 12:06
That happens sometimes with this newer system we have one right now where we should be wiped out easily however we recently had one where the opponents had 18 teams out of their 24 that could play we wiped the 18 out in 20 challenges & 4 of our top 5 teams never even played at all to do that.

I think its just accept some will be easy others you wont have a chance with