Update? More like downgrade

21/12/19 09:53
I'm the leader at team rebels I'm well known for saying it as I see it as I see it and being a bit controversial but I think most people here would agree this update ain't an update it's a farce and a massive downgrade

I have put in a request for a challenge 7 last night 13 hours have passed we still don't have a guild to play against it will then take another 12 hours from whenever we get matched up. This is the one thing that semi kept people interested if it ain't resolved I can see this game collapsing as I don't think I'm the only one really frustrated by this but I know why they've done it to starve players of to try to make you buy rp and it stinks tbh but that's the game designers all over anything to favour the people who are daft enough to spend their own cash on a dying game
27/12/19 23:01
We have been waiting 20 hours now for a GC opponent & like you say there is then the 12 hour waiting time on top of that. They have got it wrong in the past but this one is looking like being the biggest screw up of all time.