Small Fry Needs A Guild

13/07/17 01:03
Hello, I find there are lots of inactive guilds about, I am really active and punch above my weight despite being level 14. Anyone know of a guild where I wont be completely out of place due to my low champ level?

13/07/17 10:35
Do a search for "UK Elite 2" and play either the leader Nige-Two or any of the Right-Hands TWICE for an invite to one of the chattiest, friendliest Guilds around. They also punch way above and have an outstanding record in challenges. If your team becomes good enough, you will also be given the chance of joining our top Guild.
13/07/17 16:17
Hi Allen
Many thanks for your response, I have just today joined a guild called Invictus. I'll see how it goes but if not I'll play for an invite as suggested.
13/07/17 18:36
No problem and good luck whatever happens
18/11/17 10:32
If that doesn't work for you please check out, hardcore guild. We welcome all, but mainly want active players that want to benefit from the experienced players there. You would be a standout at level 14
21/11/17 22:35
Strictly Scrum Dancing, give us a shout, active players always welcome, leave your ego at the door
24/11/17 00:14
This is really late and just started looking on here but by all means check 'if Carslberg did Guilds' we are very much a guild looking to develop new members, as you can see from the 50 plus players, stadiums are kept at low lvls to ensure lower guys get competitive games etc, though if you're happy stay and enjoy!