Newb looking for active guild

16/11/17 04:52
Fairly new to the game (just completed first season) but looking for an active guild with both plenty of kit swapping but more importantly an active chat, struggling to find such a guild that accepts newb members so far. I'm very active (have sent 180+ kits so far) and eager to learn more plus just want to have a bit of bantz with other guild members to pass the time,
16/11/17 07:37
we will take you
Hawaii try-0
16/11/17 09:21
awesome, looks like a great guild, i can't join today as i didn't realise you could only join 2 guilds a day (was trying to find an active one), should i play you in a friendly tomorrow for an invite?
17/11/17 17:25
If you want a guild that is in your range I just joined one called, hardcore. I am helping cleaning house and need new players like you. Hawaii try O is a BIG guild
26/11/17 20:17
We take every one at Hawaii try_o get your self in for a good time
08/12/17 11:40
"Agenda 21: De Pop" are recruiting dude. Check us out. I'm Balderdash btw.