RM not responding

15/11/18 21:07
Ffs Rm!!! game needs to close down in the middle of a important match while making subs??? I understand glitches but this is becoming pathetic!!! If i can't use a strat because i have to take in consideration that your system might crash in the middle of it, this game becomes pointless!!! Sort your shit out.
16/11/18 18:31
going by the fact that you triple posted this, i'm going to suggest that maybe the issue is your connection rather than RM
17/11/18 19:18
Ohhh no it all pls don't comment on things you are clearly clueless about.. An app closing down in the middle of a match has nothing to do with connection!! The game will lag..
19/11/18 15:07
Happens to me too mate. The app freezes regularly for me. And, Murphy's Law, only during an important championship match