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The SMS/Text or Pay per call code I received does not work

You can only use SMS/Text and Pay per call codes purchased through our payment interface. Never use any other codes.

Try the code a again few minutes later. If it still does not work, contact our support team and remember to indicate the code as well as the telephone number used to purchase the code.


How do i train intelligence?

Purchase a television in the "Training equipment" section.

How do I unlock new exercises?

Exercises may require a specific coach type as well as a piece of gear.

You can view the requirements for each possible exercise in the "Help" section, on the "Training list" page.

Purchase both the require trainer and the piece of equipment and the exercise will be added to the training page.

How can I get more vitamins?

You can purchase more vitamins in the Bank. Click on your vitamins to open the bank.

How do I get more steroids?

One cannot purchase more steroids, everyone get's a set once a week, every Sunday midnight.

If you have not used all of them, the unused ones will be lost, they do not stack.