BMRS Adieu

27/10/17 12:02
Methodology is simple and anyone can take over, modify, scrap it. The number 1 ranked player gets 100 points for their guild, number 2 gets 99, etc. A guild must have at least 3 teams in the top 100 to qualify. That's it.
27/10/17 20:24
If you adjust it to two teams then Fire of Dragons might qualify.
27/10/17 20:52
If this is the last BMRS before the TNPRS takes over, then it may be fitting that BMR, and RB in particular, have dropped the confusing name changes. Well done on topping the rankings.
27/10/17 21:42
One of the fallen legends of the game :

If you adjust it to two teams then Fire of Dragons might qualify.

Gotta be a top guild to qualify as a top guild. Once again, you must be at least this tall
27/10/17 23:06
Thanks for this Monks, you are appreciated and the lads at BMR are over the moon to be top of your ranking system. Sorry to see you are leaving.

Thanks Hutch, he did well to catch us as named properly!
29/10/17 17:46
Dragon blade :

Good luck with 'my struggle'. I suggest you join another on line forum as if you accuse people of awful things in the 'real world' it could end horrifically for you :/.

What is wrong with you?
29/10/17 17:49
All the best Monks. Indeed probably the biggest character the game has seen. Despite a few ups and down a long time ago i'm glad we ironed things out. It was a pleasure sharing a RH position with you at Hellfire. Good luck for the future.
30/10/17 10:59
Cheers Black Monks.

Pity this game doesn't let you talk to other guild members. Think there's some real good people playing/played.
30/10/17 13:56
Cya Black Monks

31/10/17 08:22
What is wrong with dragon blade? He’s a self absorbed homophobe