Underhand tactics

07/01/18 00:20
Black Monks :

I don't think you will be banned for this. The issue in the past was that people were called cheaters, you are saying it shouldn't be done and is underhand. While those are similar the difference is enough. I know people on both sides of this debate and I am personally against the use of this tactic. Funny thing is that I disagree with a lot of the folks on the no unfair advantage side who themselves are willing to use mb in gvg which I personally think is also on the unfair advantage side. So, I agree this should stop, I think you spoke this very respectfully and thus should not/will not be banned.

Thanks BM. I agree with you on mb, I never use it in GvG as it is an unfair advantage to the challenging side. However where it is available to both sides then I think it is fair game to use it. Though having said that I prefer not to.

I believe the teams using the underhand tactics should be removed from the game. As Bluemooners says it's easy to spot these teams the results will be 28-28 or 35-35 both teams will be online and change their tactics around the 40 min mark.

Unfortunately all the teams I have seen using these tactics also sport the same flag doing a dis-service to that country.
07/01/18 01:50
Hiya gents. Had a look into this out of interest. I would say it's one guild doing it in the main (rather than flag) that has allegiances with a few other guilds to 'match fix' - 28-28, 35-35 etc. They probably think their being clever by finding a 'loop hole' in the game. Is it therefore initiative or cheating? I think the people doing it are more 'gamers' rather than real life rugby players. That being said match rigging is against the spirit of rugby so we wouldn't do it. From this point we understand people's strong dislike to it. Next you will have individual players claiming retirement to crave attention and then magically change their mind... lol #real players vs gamers
08/01/18 01:37
i was expecting a thread about this
08/01/18 10:15
2 more 35-35 all arranged matches in my championship this morning, that makes 8 in total this season that were arranged draws or wins with bonus points for a struggling team...... Names of teams colluding noted. I do not usually use Match Bonus but will against these teams who arrange match results....
08/01/18 22:22
Yep, it's rife and is ruining the game at top level for the honest players. My guild must have issued 100 tickets between us to the developers regarding the match fixing, yet they continue to allow it and not punish the cheaters (who are also protected by the forum's moderators. We can't name them or we'll get banned).
08/01/18 22:33
Are we even sure there are any developers anymore? I have in my head that they have left and Everytime they go to the bank and have money waiting for them they just laugh a mocking laugh at everyone still playing this game.
08/01/18 22:36
Each time we send a ticket to support we get the response 'your ticket has been forwarded to the developers'. This is the standard response and has been for weeks.
09/01/18 00:29
Perhaps if we invited the developers to the non existant sim city pub for a drink they might reappear.....
09/01/18 01:21
Ciren RFC... :

Perhaps if we invited the developers to the non existant sim city pub for a drink they might reappear.....

My alternate city has a pub, I'm trying to figure out how to open up the alt city for other sim city developers out there.
12/01/18 10:31
Ravens from my guild (Webb Ellis) will almost certainly not achieve a single promotion this season, as a direct result of the match mixing in his league which has been taking place all season on a mass scale. It's there for all to see if you scroll through his league's results. It has been there for all to see for 3 seasons now. But the develeopers continue to allow it and continue to not punish the guilty teams. So the clean teams are the ones being punished. And for god's sake, don't mention the names of the cheats on the forum of you'll be banned instantly by the forum Police. Irony eh?
Anyway that takes me from a statement to a question... are there even developers anymore? We don't even get new looking buildings now when they increase a level. What exactly do they do apart from sit back and cash in?
Had enough and won't be spending a penny more.