Was that the PIMPS 1st GC loss?

19/07/19 15:28
Hey everyone, we all know its kinda been the PIMPLES show in GCs.....well, I think they now know they aren't the ONLY guild who can hold the top spot...….I was just wondering if anyone knows, WAS THAT THE PIMPS 1st TRUE GC LOSS?.....meaning not a tie kinda win...…..Welcome all comments......im sure jammin has plenty to say, he always does......
19/07/19 15:58
Mind if I sit down?
19/07/19 18:37
By all means bud......sit and enjoy a cold beer or 2!
19/07/19 19:56
OK, might be a lill early,
But I take a seat also - if ya dont mind
19/07/19 21:51
always room for more...…….come 1, come all!
21/07/19 04:25
Yes, it was our first actual loss.... Congratulations to you and your Bar on your 1 win against us. Quite the accomplishment brother. We have no excuse as you guys were the better guild this time. We will be hopefully more prepared for the next one.

Now us "Pimples" say go back to your gay bar, celebrate, and figure out how to recreate that fluke of a win. The sun even shines on a dogs ass some days. You asked for a comment and I didn't want to disappoint =)
21/07/19 05:14
Classy post here mr cowgirl. Congratulations. You beat the pimps 1 out of 50 attempts and now have the balls to come out of the woodwork. Bet your sweet ass that you will be homer Simpson fading back into the bushes soon. And you know what. We wont say a damn thing bout it. Every squirrel gets a nut enjoy. It says a lot that you had to post this in the cocky manner that you did. We know who we are in the game... we used the be the most hated but congrats I'm pretty sure you have surpassed us in that aspect. As far as the best guild? Iwhen you can have the run that we did being unbeaten I will give you your due respect. But 1 win? Lmfao. Calm down

21/07/19 05:35
21/07/19 06:03
Come out of the woodwork? you don't fkn even know who I am.....been playing this game long enough that I KNOW who the PIMPLES are and beaten them all before...…..So stfu if u don't know what your talking about boy!!!...……….And yes it was #1 for us.......But you know when you finally beat the so-called best in the game, it gives me great pleasure to toot my horn for our group......and do I respect you all?....yes, but ya know what?...…..if you think its just a 1 time deal, then let us have our 10 mins of fame......or just sit down and stfu...…….
21/07/19 06:15
Ok this post may get me banned from this site but idgaf. Who tf are you? Without sounding arrogant and with all due respect to every other guild out there and with respect to teams in your guild aside from you ( you can suck it and thank you for the fire) but your excitement turned to arrogance at least the way I read it. And while you won this round we will return to our dominance. And you especially will disappear just like many others who have spouted off on this game. So mr I've beaten everyone I this game who tf are you then?